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Shrimp Magicality


Shrimp Magicality is a personal project created by a team of four during the COVID-19 pandemic while we were in quarantine. Our team wanted to learn new skills and experiment into game development, so over the course of a year, we created this video game project.

Without prior experience, I was responsible for designing and 3D modeling environments (totaling to 72 different areas). In addition to designing the user interface, and creating the character designs,  branding and illustrations.

Shrimp Magicality is slated to be release end of March.


Environmental 3D modelling, Character Design, Environment Design, UI, Branding, Illustrations, Story


Game, marketing materials, logo, style guide


Blender, Crocotile3D, Unity

Early concept versus finalized version


The visual direction I took uses a style for 3D modeling called “low poly” (when the mesh in 3D computer graphics has a smaller number of polygons). For the texture, I used pixel art with bold, bright and saturated colors.

I took a graphic design approach when I designed and modeled each environment in the game. I looked at each map as though it was an advertisement poster, trying to sell the player on soliciting a place. Each area had its own unique color branding, instead of using a realistic style.